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The future of Black Rock

10 March 2011

It was to become an ice rink – now, according to the Argus it’ll be a ‘temporary’ coach park!

Black Rock Mk.2

4 March 2011

Black Rock lido

Well, I think it’s finished! I’ve removed all the window clutter and left just the interesting bits. The main Lido building wasn’t very interesting either – you can see some photos here. Black Rock Swimming Pool opened on 8 August 1936 (before Saltdean Lido) and measured 165 feet by 60 feet. It was designed by the Borough Engineer David Edwards in “Seaside Modern” style, with an elegant cafe and changing rooms. It closed in 1978 and the buildings were demolished – and is still a derelict site. I’ve used a bit of artistic licence with Marine Gate (built in 1937-9 to the design of Maurice Bloom) – it’s really a bit further east, behind Asda. The name Black Rock came about because coal was dumped there by ships to avoid paying tax; an alternative explanation was that the nearby gas works dumped tar into the sea at that point.

It is a digital print (ie it doesn’t exist in any other form), A3+ size (329mm x 483mm) on 310gsm (that’s thick and heavy) 100% cotton mould-made Hahnemuhle ‘William Turner’ paper printed in 8-colour archival pigment inks that shouldn’t fade. It is also available as an A4 mini-print on 190gsm paper. The price direct from me is £50 each, they may well be dearer through a gallery or Open House to take into account the commission taken. If you are a dear old friend and I’m in a good mood I may well give you a handsome discount! The original photo I used can be seen here.


Black rock

2 March 2011

Black Rock

Here is a work in progress of the strange tower that once stood by the Black Rock Lido, near to where the Brighton marina is today. Behind is a sort of stylised Marine Gate.