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23 November 2009

Another tribute to Ed Ruscha, this time celebrating Brighton’s Muesli Mountain. Created in Freehand and touched up a bit in Photoshop.


Embassy Court at Embassy Court

23 November 2009

My first Embassy Court digital print, now entitled Embassy Court (east), is currently on show in the basement of Embassy Court, Brighton, part of the Xmas Festival of Open Houses. It costs £45 (or a discounted £35 to Embassy Court residents), unframed and unmounted. As shown here double mounted in a waxed beech SW3850 frame by Marc Bonnel costs £85 (but there’s only one of them)! It joins Circus Kinetica and work by Sue Milnthorpe and other artists in the basement of this Modernist masterpiece. From next weekend, this and its companion piece, Embassy Court (west) will be on show at the Dragonfly House, 48 Ditchling Rise. I’ll be invigilating Saturdays 11-3pm, so come along and say hello!


13 November 2009


My latest tribute to Ed Ruscha. Done in Freehand with some ‘painting’ in Photoshop.

Embassy Court part 2

11 November 2009


My second Embassy Court print is from the other end of the back of the building, by the road into the back yard, looking north-east. I messed around with the perspective of the windows a bit and made the text more maroon. I had a request to make it blue, but that made the whole image look a bit too sombre. That’s it for Embassy Court for now. This will be an A3+ giclee, like the other one.

Arty magazine

6 November 2009


If you turn to the last page in the Winter 2009 issue of Arty magazine, you’ll see a feature on Yours Truly as ‘Personal View’. The issue also features my neighbour Angie Meaden Bonnel, who lets me show work at her Dragonfly House.