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Have a very merry Xmas

22 December 2011
Xmas card

Have a rockin' yule!


Xmas e-card

3 December 2010

Penguin skating e-cardA very Merry Xmas to all my patrons and chums!

Eggs for breakfast

1 August 2010
Rustic mug by Belen Gomez

Rustic mug by Belen Gomez

If you like hens and chickens on your breakfast mug of tea, you’ll love the Rustic range of mugs by my neighbour Belen Gomez. They are silk screen printed onto English bone china – not those clunky thick earthenware jobs you often get, these are quality. They come in five wrap-around designs, each with a detail inside, and in four different shapes. A joy to drink from! They cost £11 or £12 depending on the shape and size + p and p. And her greetings cards are gorgeous too. Can’t wait for her Seaside range to hit the streets. My interest in this? – I helped her develop the website, and very nice it is too.

Offbeat Smoothie Bar

6 July 2010

Here’s a little job I did for the Offbeat Cafe, Sydney Street, Brighton. All done in Freehand, based on a certain US gambling city’s welcome sign.

North Laine map

11 September 2009


This is a detail from a pictorial map I drew for the North Laine Traders Association in Brighton, for a brochure. It was drawn in ink, scanned in Photoshop, converted to vectors in Streamline then coloured in using Freehand. It was originally drawn with the North at the top, A3, but swivelled through 90 degrees and reduced to A4 for the final brochure.


8 June 2009


Solar powered beach hut

Solar-powered beach hut

I also still do some illustration work. Here is a Donald McGill-style watercolour (yes, real watercolour!) for a local entrepreneur hoping to sell solar panels to beach hut owners not permitted to have regular electricity. It was drawn in Sennelier indian ink on Aquarelle Arches cold-pressed paper (indian ink is getting hard to find these days) using a Gillott 303 nib. My ‘normal’ way of working is to draw in ink onto layout/marker paper, scan into Photoshop, convert to vectors using Streamline, and finally colour-in using Freehand. Unfortunately Streamline doesn’t wok in OS X, but seems happy enough in ‘classic’ mode!