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Merry Xmas

10 December 2009

Embassy Court in the snow

A very Merry Xmas to all my readers.


Dragonfly House

10 December 2009

Fred at the Dragonfly House

Well, the Xmas Open House is over – at least for the Dragonfly House. Other Open Houses will be open next weekend, including Embassy Court, where I have one print on display. We haven’t had the final divvi-up yet but I did sell a number of prints both old and new and met a couple of my generous patrons! It’s was really enjoyable invigilating upstairs, especially last Saturday, when I was joined by the talented Liz Toole. The print above my head, by the way, is by Heike Roesel, who apparently sold one to someone off Eastenders at the Affordable Art Show in Battersea, according to Liz Toole!

Pipes print at Embassy Court