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Journeys to the Wrong side of the tracks

11 May 2015


Yes, it’s May again and each Sunday I’ll be showing some old oil paintings at Curtis Tappenden’s house 17 Clyde Road. It’s a silent auction deal again, starting at £50 ono, and so far there have been no bids for any of these real oil paintings! I’m also showing more recent digital prints, a couple of linocuts and cards. Pop in and say hello!

More details on the Beyond the Level website.


Studio 45, Brighton Open Market

2 December 2014


In case you were wondering where you can buy my prints, there’s a small selection at Studio 45 in the recently refurbished Open Market, London Road, Brighton. If you want anything in particular, ask Steve, and he will collar me next time I walk by. It’s a gallery well worth visiting, and exclusively sells Stacey Manser-Knight‘s ceramics.

My stuff is here.

In the Open Houses 2013

20 May 2013

Argus oil painting

It’s May and festival time. That means the Artists’ Open Houses, and this year – like last – I’m in Curtis Tappenden’s Annual Return to the Wrong Side of the Tracks, part of the Beyond the Level trail. I was originally with Curtis all those years ago, until I was headhunted by The Dragonfly House, but now I’m back. He’s only open on Sundays so it’s not so taxing. However I’m also invigilating on Saturdays at Stuff, up the road at 46 Clyde Road where Susan Sainsbury and others are selling stuff from the empty basement of her house. I’m flogging Ladybird books, Dr Who annuals and Midwinter pottery. So, not much spare weekend time to visit other Open Houses.


Along with the usual prints, I’m selling some vintage oil paintings and watercolours by silent auction. They are:

  • Elvis’s hideouts #3 Argus House, 1993, oil, which is currently up to £80
  • Mrs Malevich anticipates the Bauhaus after a glass of Bass, 1993, oil, on £50
  • St Bartholomews, watercolour, 1992, on £100
  • St Bartholmews, ink, 1992, no bids so far, starting at £50 – if it gets no bids, I’ll consider offers.

St Barts

St Barts

it’s the last weekend this weekend, so come along on Sunday and make a bid – or email me! Elsewhere in the festival I painted a door (not very well) at Bom-Banes restaurant in George Street. The theme was black and white and it was to accompany a crossword treasure hunt type thing. Doors were also painted by Bongo Peter and Baron Gilvan (who is also showing at 17 Clyde Road). The shows I’ve been to so far are listed on my other blog.

door at Bom Banes

Astoria hoardings

26 May 2010

Astoria hoardings

Today was the drizzly day that Tony from Doubledot and his gang installed my four big pictures outside the derelict Astoria cinema, replacing the photos. The four are, left to right: Embassy Court (digital print), Seven Sisters (Atonement) (screenprint), Astoria (digital print) and Shoreham Airport (screenprint). Shoreham Airport has had some sky removed to make it fit. None of my original prints were the right shape for the spaces; but I did Astoria especially to fit. The Open Houses are now over until Xmas, so if you want a print, contact me directly. I have one only of Seven Sisters left, and only giclees of the others. All the screenprints of Shoreham Airport have been sold, but there weren’t that many to start off with! The project was commissioned by Matthew Easteal of Environment Improvements, Brighton and Hove City Council, to whom I am extremely grateful for this opportunity. There are some more photos of the erection on Flickr.

Astoria hoardings


14 May 2010

Astoria, Brighton

A brand new giclee print! The art deco Astoria cinema, latterly a bingo hall,  on Brighton’s Gloucester Place operated 1933-1977. It’s a sorry sight now, once owned by Stomp it is now the property of Mike Holland who also owns the Engineerium in Hove. The drawing was a bit of a fudge: isometric at the top with a little perspective thrown in down the bottom to make it look right!