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More May Festival

8 May 2012

Two of my Astoria muriels have been taken away for their annual restoration and have been replaced temporarily by ads for the Brighton Festival. These have also been joined by an Intervention! The cosy living room scene is I think by¬†Deborah Bowness, who is showing at the nearby Phoenix Gallery, as part of the HOUSE festival. She’s been installing wallpaper-type interventions all around Brighton, but the only other one I spotted was in Gardner Street. The festival is going OK for me, I sold a couple of prints and an oil painting (Reef 2007, to Sally Kennedy) at 17 Clyde Road, plus a pile of cards.


It’s the May festival again!

2 May 2012

This year I won’t be showing at the Dragonfly House, as I haven’t made much new work in the past year. Instead I’ll be showing some older work at 17 Clyde Road, which is where I used to be many years ago – but it’s only open on Sundays! Depending on what Curt will allow me to hang, there will be some oil paintings at knock-down prices, probably 50 quid a pop regardless of size and age. You can see some of them here on Flickr. If it’s not there it may well still be in a stack in my studio, so get in touch if you want one! Once they’re gone, they’re gone for ever. There will also be the same old Art Deco prints, plus two new (unframed) watercolours, including the one of the Granada, Portland Road, Hove, shown above. There may also be prints available at 99 Ditchling Rise.