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Embassy Court part 2

11 November 2009


My second Embassy Court print is from the other end of the back of the building, by the road into the back yard, looking north-east. I messed around with the perspective of the windows a bit and made the text more maroon. I had a request to make it blue, but that made the whole image look a bit too sombre. That’s it for Embassy Court for now. This will be an A3+ giclee, like the other one.


Embassy Court

22 October 2009


Inspired by all those Art Deco programmes currently on BBC4, here’s a Modernist icon: Embassy Court in Brighton, from the back. It was designed by Wells Coates and built between 1934 and 1936. It was recently done up. Wells Coates was also famous for his round bakelite radios designed for EKCO. This virtual artwork was developed in Freehand and exported to Photoshop, where nothing was done to it! But I may well improve it at some point. You may have noticed there is no con-trail on it yet! The text is Gill Sans, which was used for the name over the entrance (in the restoration at least – not sure what it was on the original building). It may well become a linocut or screenprint in the future.