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Seven Sisters (sepia)

9 June 2009


This is a pen, ink and wash sepia painting (well, Burnt Sienna, actually) of the photo below.


Seven Sisters (watercolour)

9 June 2009

This is a postcard-sized watercolour, made from the photo below.

Saltdean Lido in watercolour

8 June 2009

Saltdean lido

This is one of the watercolours that sold at the Dragonfly House. It is of nearby Saltdean Lido, from a photo of how it was before it was restored, soon after I moved to Brighton in 1987. A story I heard was that the platform on the roof was intended to be for a cablecar to the Ocean Hotel (now flats) up on the hill. The style is Art Deco, which I hope is reflected in the colours used.


8 June 2009


Solar powered beach hut

Solar-powered beach hut

I also still do some illustration work. Here is a Donald McGill-style watercolour (yes, real watercolour!) for a local entrepreneur hoping to sell solar panels to beach hut owners not permitted to have regular electricity. It was drawn in Sennelier indian ink on Aquarelle Arches cold-pressed paper (indian ink is getting hard to find these days) using a Gillott 303 nib. My ‘normal’ way of working is to draw in ink onto layout/marker paper, scan into Photoshop, convert to vectors using Streamline, and finally colour-in using Freehand. Unfortunately Streamline doesn’t wok in OS X, but seems happy enough in ‘classic’ mode!