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At the Dragonfly House

29 November 2010

Fred Pipes

Some of my prints will be available at the Dragonfly House, 48 Ditchling Rise, Brighton, as part of the Xmas Open Houses. Next weekend 4 and 5 December is the last weekend they’ll be open. Unfortunately, my Saltdean Lido isn’t printed yet, tho there are Moo cards of it available.


Saltdean Lido

11 November 2010
Saltdean Lido, near Brighton

Saltdean Lido, near Brighton

Well, at long last I’ve finally done a digital print of Saltdean Lido, after years of messing about with watercolours and linocuts. Yes, I know it looks rather like the logo for the Save Saltdean Lido campaign, but that’s just the way it came out, straight on in my regular limited palette of colours! Those of you typographically inclined will notice that I’ve reinstated the original Gill Sans lettering. I think that slab serif font used now comes from the 1950s, and the 1998 refurbishment since I’ve lived down here ruined the kerning of the signage compared with the  reference photo (wot I took way back in the late-80s) that I used for this print, squashing it all up a bit, as is the modern (rather than Moderne) way. All I have to do now is fire up the giclee machine and print a few off for the Xmas Open House at the Dragonfly House.

Saltdean Lido was built in 1937-38 to designs by the architect Richard W H Jones, who also designed the Ocean Hotel (once owned by Butlins) up on the hill. On 13 July 1987  it was granted Grade: II listed status. There is some debate about the reason for the platform above the building – some say it was for a planned cable car running down from the Ocean Hotel, but I believe that’s an urban myth! But there once was a sort of tower on top with a flagpole. Old photos here.