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Saltdean riviera

22 May 2015


Ruth Jindal posted this photo on Facebook and I thought, that looks familiar. The lettering is different and the railings have been reinstated, but the colours and shadows are all mine, well, similar! It’s from Riviera Style at the Fashion & Textile Museum in Bermondsey. What do you think?

Saltdean lido giclee

Saltdean lido giclee

I suppose it is the standard view, but mine was from this photograph, what I took myself circa 1987!

Saltdean Lido




Journeys to the Wrong side of the tracks

11 May 2015


Yes, it’s May again and each Sunday I’ll be showing some old oil paintings at Curtis Tappenden’s house 17 Clyde Road. It’s a silent auction deal again, starting at £50 ono, and so far there have been no bids for any of these real oil paintings! I’m also showing more recent digital prints, a couple of linocuts and cards. Pop in and say hello!

More details on the Beyond the Level website.