End of an era

Astoria murals by Janet Brooke

Astoria murals by Janet Brooke

Well my Astoria murals have now come down, but they were saved for the nation by a phone call from their maker Tony  of Doubledot in Henfield. So, after an appeal on Facebook, homes were found for three of them: Seven Sisters went to my nephew Richard; Astoria went to my niece Clare, both in Portslade, and the Embassy Court went to Joseph and Myf Nixon. Shoreham Airport is currently sitting in my hall. I’d like it to go to the museum at Shoreham Airport, but have yet to hear back from them. The new murals are based on linocuts by the very talented Janet Brooke, who has exhibited up the road at 30 Gerard Street during the Artists’ Open Houses, as well as her studio in Hanover. A big thank you to Matt Easteal of the council for commissioning them, and to Danny for picking them up in his van.

Murals by Janet Brooke

Murals by Janet Brooke


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