Prints for sale

I’ve been asked if the images adorning the Astoria cinema in Brighton are for sale as prints. Yes, they are! Seven Sisters and Shoreham Airport were originally screenprints and have all sold out (tho I have one or two ‘seconds’ of Seven Sisters available). The Astoria and Embassy Court were always digital prints. All are now available as giclee prints, A3+ size (329mm x 483mm) on 310gsm (that’s thick and heavy) 100% cotton mould-made Hahnemuhle ‘William Turner’ paper printed in 8-colour archival pigment inks that shouldn’t fade. Some are also available as A4 prints on 190gsm paper. The price direct from me is £40 each, they may well be dearer through a gallery or Open House to take into account the commission taken. If you are a dear old friend and I’m in a good mood I may well give you a handsome discount! A different view of Embassy Court is also available.


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2 Responses to “Prints for sale”

  1. Marina Dussek Says:

    Hi there, I’m interested in buying an Embassy Court print – how do I go about doing this – via Paypal? I’m based in Kemp Town and work in the Lanes Brighton if this is of any use. Many thanks, Marina

  2. embassycourt Says:

    Hi Fred, I’m the caretaker at Embassy Court, love your work and would like to have a print for my office down in the basement that kinda looks out on to the view you portray in your second print. Could you email me? Thanks Kevin.

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