Astoria hoardings

Astoria hoardings

Today was the drizzly day that Tony from Doubledot and his gang installed my four big pictures outside the derelict Astoria cinema, replacing the photos. The four are, left to right: Embassy Court (digital print), Seven Sisters (Atonement) (screenprint), Astoria (digital print) and Shoreham Airport (screenprint). Shoreham Airport has had some sky removed to make it fit. None of my original prints were the right shape for the spaces; but I did Astoria especially to fit. The Open Houses are now over until Xmas, so if you want a print, contact me directly. I have one only of Seven Sisters left, and only giclees of the others. All the screenprints of Shoreham Airport have been sold, but there weren’t that many to start off with! The project was commissioned by Matthew Easteal of Environment Improvements, Brighton and Hove City Council, to whom I am extremely grateful for this opportunity. There are some more photos of the erection on Flickr.

Astoria hoardings


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