Embassy Court


Inspired by all those Art Deco programmes currently on BBC4, here’s a Modernist icon: Embassy Court in Brighton, from the back. It was designed by Wells Coates and built between 1934 and 1936. It was recently done up. Wells Coates was also famous for his round bakelite radios designed for EKCO. This virtual artwork was developed in Freehand and exported to Photoshop, where nothing was done to it! But I may well improve it at some point. You may have noticed there is no con-trail on it yet! The text is Gill Sans, which was used for the name over the entrance (in the restoration at least – not sure what it was on the original building). It may well become a linocut or screenprint in the future.



4 Responses to “Embassy Court”

  1. Julie Says:

    Fred is this a print? I want to buy it – actually I want to buy more than one. I know the architect who redeveloped it and I know someone who lives there – plus I love it and must have it! How much

  2. Sue Says:

    Hi Fred

    Love your pics of Embassy Court + Shoreham Airport – we’re doing Xmas Artists Open House in Embassy Court basement so email me if you’re interested.

  3. fredpipes Says:

    it doesn’t exist yet (well, it could be a giclee! better get my finger out!

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