Shoreham Airport


This is my most popular screenprint – the edition of 12 are now all sold. The pattern at the bottom is from a frieze inside the terminal. The top part of the control tower is the old 1930s version. The colors are Art Deco. The silkscreens were made from hand-cut Rubylith – no computers were involved in the making of this print. Concorde and the contrail across a deep blue sky are a sort of trademark of mine now.


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One Response to “Shoreham Airport”

  1. colinjenkinson Says:

    I really love this process Fred, and it’s good that you are entering the world of Gyclee with caution. There is magic here that should never be lost; a beautiful process, mark making, texture and depth of colour. It’s head and shoulders above any digital technique and creates something unique.

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