Seven Sisters (Atonement)


A detail from this screenprint is used for the blog’s header. It’s a view from Seaford Head looking east towards Beachy Head. The Atonement connection is with the film of the same name – there’s a scene where they live in one of these cottages. The cottages have been used for locations in many films and TV programmes. I wanted this to be the postcard view, so I bought a postcard, took a photo from the same location and made the screenprint at BIP using the photo as a guide. I’ve also done various watercolours of the same scene. I wanted it to look like a Brian Cook book jacket for Batsford, or a 1930s railway poster, in simple flat Art Deco colours. The silkscreens were made from hand-cut Rubylith – no computers were involved in the making of this print. There is only one print left from an edition of eight.


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