Saltdean Lido in watercolour

Saltdean lido

This is one of the watercolours that sold at the Dragonfly House. It is of nearby Saltdean Lido, from a photo of how it was before it was restored, soon after I moved to Brighton in 1987. A story I heard was that the platform on the roof was intended to be for a cablecar to the Ocean Hotel (now flats) up on the hill. The style is Art Deco, which I hope is reflected in the colours used.


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4 Responses to “Saltdean Lido in watercolour”

  1. sinjan jana Says:

    well, it looks deadly….

  2. Douglas d'Enno Says:

    Nice picture, but have never found evidence of the cablecar story in all my researches, only occasional hearsay. Regards, Douglas, Saltdean historian.

    • fredpipes Says:


      I may have imagined it, but on a visit to the Ocean Hotel with the Thirties Society (now the Twentieth Century Society) back at the end of the 80s, we were shown a 1930s brochure of the proposed development of Saltdean, with an artist’s impression, which involved much more than the hotel and lido. It could have had the cable car on it but maybe i just heard it from the tour guide!

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