The Dragonfly House

This is my first posting that includes an image.

Fred's paintings at the Dragonfly House

Fred's paintings at the Dragonfly House

It shows my display of watercolours and prints at The Dragonfly House, during the May Brighton Festival of Open Houses. I had a very good year, thanks to Angie putting me in a prime spot. Last year I was on the stairs and everyone walked past. It’s a selection of original watercolours (all sold bar one), screenprints and linocuts (all printed at BIP). Yes, I do love Art Deco, and yes they are meant to have a 1930s feel. The most popular print was of Shoreham Airport, mainly I think because people that bought have an attachment to the place. The edition is all sold out now, there will be no more – and no, I won’t be producing a giclée.

I am Brighton’s laziest artist, only averaging one print a year – this year’s is of Saltdean Lido. My watercolour of ‘The lost villas of London Road’, done for the exhibition at the Co-op, was bought by Mrs Brooke of Brooke Travel (a shop depicted in the painting) – what’s the chances of that happening?


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